The Steel Structure Shop of BMTF is one of the diversified factories of its kind in Bangladesh. What began as a dream in the year 2000, is now a reality leading the country’s infrastructural development beyond the future. We focus on industrial construction projects that primarily involve fabrication and erection of structural steel. We produce a wide range of construction solutions including Pre-Fabricated Steel Building, Hot-Rolled Steel Structures, Bailey Bridge, Overhead Crane, Overhead Gantry Crane, Curing Chamber Cover, Lamp Post, Shelves and H/I Beams. Our Steel’s unique qualities offer a combination of structural support and aesthetic impact for some of the country’s most iconic structures. Over the years we have built a team of experienced professionals in design, engineering, fabrication & construction work to guarantee excellence of quality. BMTF Steel Structure Manufacturing Factory is now a member of Steel Building Manufacturer association of Bangladesh- SBMA and widely acclaimed in the international arena for manufacturing fabricated steel.


BMTF Steel Structure Manufacturing Factory strives to be the global steel industry benchmark for value creation in national economy and corporate citizenship and become the most admired brand in metals and minerals space.

Manufacturing Process

Our entire manufacturing process is carried out through a number of departments that include fabrication, erection, cutting and painting. These sections at every step ensure qualitative output of the product. The long manufacturing lines are fully mechanized and automated to ensure one-stop manufacturing, from the conversion of raw material through to finished products. Through our manufacturing lines we are capable of meeting the needs for quality, standards certification and delivery. Additionally, our lines are directly linked to processing lines where the finished steel pipes and sheets are processed into specific shapes based on our customers’ requirements. The automation of our processing lines has been optimized to achieve high-precision, high-speed cutting and machining. Our factory owns most high tech machines like CNC Cutting Machine, Sharing Machine, Auto-wielding machines, stretching machines, redial drill machines and different categories of led, milling, grinding and cutting machines.

Our Competitive Advantages

We offer expertise and services in the following areas of work


Safety is a fundamental priority to BMTF and has been built into our everyday work culture. Our safety program aims at avoiding injury, pursuing the safety, security & health of our employees and the public at large and minimize the impact on the environment in which we operate.