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Machine Shop

Machine shop is the core and heart of all productions of BMTF with it’s highly skilled technical personal. This shop is relentlessly supporting for the optimization of overall products of BMTF.

Steel Structure

The shop has the capacity to produce 5000 MT per Yr and 416 MT per Month.


Vehicle assembly Shop

Assembly shop is a major component of BMTF. This shop has the facility of spot welding, painting, and modern vehicle testing equipment for all kinds of the vehicle of the latest technology

Forge Shop

Forge Shop is the most vibrant area in BMTF. The shop is equipped with drop hammers, press machines and furnaces closely located with the machines. To prepare forging jobs of REB and other org there are many other machines available in the shop

Heat and Surface
Treatment Plant

Continuous and automatic heat treatment facilities enable BMTF to manufacture products as per the exact requirements of customers. The surface treatment plant of BMTF is capable of almost all kinds of surface treatment

Foundry and Pattern Shop

BMTF Ltd occupies a well equipped foundry shop. Different products made of Cast Iron & Non-Ferrous metals containing various chemical compositions are randomly produced here.


Shoe Factory

BMTF Footwear & Leather Factory is one of the biggest military shoe manufacturing plant in Bangladesh, catering to the footwear needs of a global clientele.This factory is utilizing most modern state of the art machinery for production of million pair’s footwear and other leather products.


Furniture Factory

The Story of “BMTF Furniture” began in September 2018 in Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory, Gazipur. “BMTF Furniture” is bringing you the best prices and widest selection of furniture and home décor that fits your lifestyle. This factory is utilizing most modern state of the art machinery for production of Furniture.

Pole Factory

BMTF Pole Factory Is Producing Very High Quality Spun Pre Stressed Concrete Poles. Currently Ten Different Sizes Of Poles Are Produced In The Factory. However, Factory Is Capable Of Producing Wide-Ranging Sizes Of Poles As Per Clients Need. Production Capacity Is 850 Poles Per Day. We Enjoy Very High Reputation As Regards To Quality Of Products And Timely

Delivery Capacity. 

CFL & LED Bulb Factory

BMTF is delivering innovative, diversified, smart, user friendly & best quality CFL bulb, LED bulb and LED tube lights to various government-owned establishments including Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Guard of Bangladesh, Civil Aviation Authority, City Corporations and non-government organizations at affordable price.