• Footwear Industry and Leather Factory

    The BMTF Footwear & Leather Factory stands as one of the largest military shoe manufacturing shops in Bangladesh.

  • Furniture Factory

    The BMTF Furniture Factory is renowned for its distinctive style and high-quality furniture.

  • Pole and Pile Factory

    The Pole and Pile Factory is a prominent division of the state-owned BMTF, one of the largest manufacturing entities.

  • Vehicle Assembly Shop

    In 2001, the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) established a state-of-the-art Vehicle Assembly Shop.

  • Steel Structure Manufacturing Shop

    The Steel Structure Manufacturing Shop at BMTF has transformed from a vision in the year 2000 to a reality that is shaping the future infrastructural development of the country.

  • Electronic Assembly Shop

    The BMTF Electronic Assembly Shop is a hub for high-tech electronics and projects aimed at advancing Bangladesh's digital landscape.

  • BMTF Crafties Factory

    BMTF Crafties began in 2020 with a commitment to create special designs for military, paramilitary, and various government and non-government groups.

  • CFL and LED Bulb Factory

    The BMTF CFL & LED bulb factory is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the country, specializing in innovative, diverse, user-friendly, and high-quality LED and CFL tubes and bulbs.

  • Central Tooling Department (CTD Shop)

    The Central Tooling Department (CTD) is equipped with a range of specialized tools, including three high-precision Jig Boring Machines and fourteen Tool Sharpening Machines.

  • Forge Shop

    BMTF Forge Shop is a renowned brand in the country's forging industry. Since 1980, the shop has been consistently producing high-quality products for the nation.

  • Foundry Shop

    The Foundry Shop, established in 1967, has been providing clients with a diverse range of casting solutions ever since.

  • Galvanizing Plant

    The BMTF Galvanizing Shop is committed to strengthening and enhancing the durability of steel.

  • Heat and Surface Treatment Shop

    Since 1980, the BMTF Heat and Surface Treatment Plant has been offering a comprehensive range of thermal processing services.

  • Machine Shop

    The Machine Shop stands as the principal manufacturing unit within Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Limited, under the direct supervision of the Bangladesh Army.

  • Army Pharma

    Army Pharma Ltd., a state-owned pharmaceutical company, commenced operations in June 2019 under Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory.

  • Packaging Unit (BMTF-2)

    BMTF Packaging Unit (BMTF-2) stands as a distinguished entity in the manufacturing and export of square bottom brown paper bags.

  • Pattern Shop

    The BMTF Pattern Shop specializes in crafting a diverse range of patterns to accommodate various molding techniques.

  • BMTF Apparels

    BMTF Apparel Shop: Elevating fashion standards with exquisite designs crafted for international markets, poised to redefine the future of export-based success.