The BMTF Electronic Assembly Shop is a hub for high-tech electronics and projects aimed at advancing Bangladesh's digital landscape. It plays a pivotal role in numerous government projects focused on automating both public and private organizations within the country. The team possesses expertise in assembling various electronic devices, including laptops, notebooks, and tablets. Furthermore, they are engaged in specialized projects such as the manufacturing of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), National ID Smart Cards, Vehicle Number Plates, and Digital Driver's Licenses vital initiatives for the nation. They are at the forefront of incorporating modern technology and innovating to further develop and expand their operations


Our Aim

The aim of this shop is to assemble or produce the latest technological products of national interest and contribute to the digitalization of Bangladesh. They work today for a better tomorrow.

Activities of the Electronic Assembly Shop

The BMTF Electronic Assembly Shop, particularly the laptop department, is involved in a range of tasks, which include creating computer hardware, configuring computer networks, developing computer software, and assembling computer components. They employ highly advanced technology to craft laptops with robust graphics, processors, and ample memory.

In addition to laptops, they are experts in the manufacturing of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), which are more secure and advanced compared to traditional voting systems. Their EVMs are of top-notch quality and incorporate the latest technology.

The shop is also responsible for producing National ID Smart Cards with the highest available security features. They provide blank cards for our country's National IDs.

Moreover, the shop manufactures modern and highly advanced vehicle number plates known as "Vehicle Digital Number Plates." These plates incorporate a unique system that utilizes radio waves to automatically identify and track vehicles.

Furthermore, they produce Digital Driver's Licenses, which are in high demand and make a significant contribution to the country. The Electronic Assembly Shop is actively contributing to the nation's progress..


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