The Foundry Shop, established in 1967, has been providing clients with a diverse range of casting solutions ever since. It stands as one of the most versatile shops of its kind in Bangladesh, offering a variety of services in conjunction with its sister shops. We manufacture different products using both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, each with various chemical compositions.

In alignment with BMTF's vision and values, the Foundry Shop is committed to meeting new challenges to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Our team of engineers, tooling specialists, and dedicated manufacturing staff leverage the latest technologies to create innovative and cost-effective, long-lasting products.


Our Aim

The aim of the Foundry Shop is to produce castings with cost-effective, time-efficient, waste-reducing solutions that help minimize a foundry's bottom line and reduce negative impact on the environment.

Our Manufacturing Process

Cupola Blast Furnace Machine

Capable of melting a wide range of materials, reducing production costs. It efficiently removes slag from the iron and operates at high melting temperatures to produce liquid metal.

Sand Mixer Machine

Our diversified molding machines can provide standard models and tailor-made foundry equipment according to the client’s requirements.

Molding Machine

Our high-tech sand mixer machine is suitable for various high-quality foundry applications, offering excellent followability, breathability, compatibility, and minimal water content.


Our Promises Are

Non-Ferrous Metal Casting Process

Ferrous Metal Casting Process

Crucible Furnace Production Process for ferrous casting




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