BMTF Forge Shop is a renowned brand in the country's forging industry. Since 1980, the shop has been consistently producing high-quality products for the nation. We specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of die, cold and open die, rolled ring forged, and machined components. Our daily production capacity stands at approximately 10 tons. Over the years, we have experienced exponential growth, representing values of quality, dedication, and innovation. Our forging process ensures parts possess appropriate mechanical properties, and we maintain stringent quality control at every step. We are committed to continuous and systematic development of our skills, processes, and services, ensuring long-term sustainability and customer satisfaction. Our production quality has been ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Our Aim

The aim of the Forging Shop is to manufacture products with the highest quality of forging, enabling us to expand our current market and explore new business opportunities, thereby contributing to the strengthening of the national economy.

Our Manufacturing Process

Hammer Machine

Our modern drop hammer machine provides a rapid high-energy transfer of force for forging works. We also possess two forging dies that expedite the process.

Press Machine

Our heavy press machine is capable of performing trimming, bending, punching, piercing, and forming with great precision to meet our customer’s demands.

Copy Milling

Our high-tech copy-milling machine precisely replicates any job for forging work.

Deputy General Manager, Forge Shop

Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd, Gazipur

Mobile: +880 1769-041093

Email: [email protected]