The BMTF Pattern Shop specializes in crafting a diverse range of patterns to accommodate various molding techniques. Operating in tandem with the Pattern and Foundry Shop, we prioritize precision and cost-effectiveness for the production of high-quality castings. Our use of top-tier materials, including high-quality timber, aluminum, and araldite, ensures the creation of accurate patterns. In addition, we employ metallic die molds and leverage advanced technologies such as pattern milling, drilling, lathing, wood jointing, planing, and various power saw machines to produce dynamic patterns. Collaborating with expert designers and CNC technicians, our Pattern Shop provides invaluable services, delivering tailor-made patterns to meet our customers' specific needs.


Our Aim

Aim of Pattern Shop is to manufacture engineering-oriented eco-friendly products for various industrial sectors involving casting, machining and fabrication.

Pattern Shop

Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd, Gazipur

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