Since 1980, the BMTF Heat and Surface Treatment Plant has been offering a comprehensive range of thermal processing services. We have a strong track record of producing high-quality products and have earned an ISO Certificate in recognition of our stringent quality standards. Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of components, consistently delivering dependable results. Experienced engineers and technicians oversee our heat treatment processes, ensuring they are aligned with the specific needs of our customers.

In addition to heat treatment, our plant provides automatic production systems, along with standard services such as anodizing, electroplating, phosphate cleaning, and etching. We also offer manual and semi-automatic processes for immersing various products in chemical solutions


Our Aim

The aim of the plant is to enhance the quality with advanced solutions that maximize the effectiveness of the products and meet customer requirements.


Our Promises Are


Precious Metal Plating


Metal Etching

Metal Cleaning

Copper Nickel Chrome Plating of both Metal and Plastic Substrates

Pilot Plants for R&D and Small Batch Production



Zinc Alloys

The BMTF H&ST Shop integrates the latest available technologies into our array of manual and semi-automatic process lines. We prioritize treatments designed for the 21st century. Our equipment is robust, and, significantly, we place a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of our products.

Deputy General Manager

Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd, Gazipur

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