BMTF Packaging Unit (BMTF-2) stands as a distinguished entity in the manufacturing and export of square bottom brown paper bags. Our commitment revolves around providing clients with a comprehensive range, including versatile white Kraft paper bags, brown Kraft paper grocery bags, brown shopping bags, and special bags. Since our inception, we have steadfastly focused on delivering products that adhere to standardized quality and incorporate technical innovation.

Our expansive manufacturing unit is well-appointed with modern amenities and tools, empowering us to meet delivery timelines while ensuring pocket-friendly prices. Client satisfaction stands as our paramount objective, and our diverse product range is entirely environmentally friendly and user-friendly, devoid of any toxic or harmful elements. At BMTF Packaging Unit, we are dedicated to the cause of reducing plastic contamination, working tirelessly to contribute to the creation of a greener future.


Our Aim

Our aim is to achieve maximum client satisfaction and surpass their expectations with motivated and contented staff, generating sustainable results. Our business objective is to grow as a commercially viable production house and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of the country.


Paper bags are commonly 100% recyclable. Unlike plastic that emits highly toxic and poisonous gases in the atmosphere during the recycling process, the recycling process of paper bags involves no such hazard. The materials used to make paper bags easily gets decomposed by bacteria and other microorganisms. Thus, the paper bag takes less time to disintegrate into simpler forms. Also it requires less energy to produce and recycle paper bags than it does for plastic.

Cutting down toxic waste

One of the biggest benefits of using paper bags is that they are biodegradable. Even if thrown randomly it mixes with soil completely without leaving any kind of toxic residue, becoming a fertilizer. As a result, the impact on the ecosystem is minimal and pose less of a threat to the environment and wildlife.

Resistant and economical

Resistant and economical

Paper bags are characterized by being a very affordable element, even for a very limited budget. They are also usually accessible and practical for companies, since they are super easy to decorate and allow for more elegant designs than plastic ones. Although their price is low, the quality is good and they can have a long life.

Conserve natural resources

Conserve natural resources

The manufacturing process of biodegradable plastic bags consume less energy and decreases harmful gas emissions and conserves our natural resources. Also the solid waste percentage is less. The use of paper bags is a big environmental convenience as it is a big step towards making the earth a zero-waste habitat for all generations to come.

Environmental Benefits of Using Paper Bags

Paper bags are recyclable

They help in cutting down toxic waste

Paper bags help to conserve natural resources

Resistant and economical


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