BMTF Electronic Assembly Shop is one-stop solution to all the high-tech electronics and projects adopted by the government as aid to digital Bangladesh. The shop plays a vital role in carrying out different national projects related to the automation of public and private sector organizations of Bangladesh. Our areas of expertise include assembling of different gadgets including laptops, notebooks and tablets. Under special project, we are manufacturing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), National ID Smart Cards, Vehicle Number Plates and Digital Driver’s License, which are highly demanding and sensitive projects of national Interest. We are leading in the field of modern technology with innovations and diversifications.


Aim of this Shop is to assemble or produce latest technological products of national interest and contribute in digitalization of Bangladesh. We work today for better tomorrow.


Our laptop assembly department is involved in designing computer hardware and computer networking infrastructures, developing computer software and assembling computer components. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are assembling laptops with high-end GPU, CPU and RAM and ROM of maximum capacity.

Our experts and professionals are also manufacturing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The EVM features a state-of-the-art security system and many other benefits over traditional systems. EVM produced in BMTF is of world-class standard with latest technology.

BMTF produces NID Smart Card with best possible security features available in the world. BMTF is directly contributing the nation by providing Blank NID Smart Cards for our National ID.

BMTF is manufacturing Vehicle Retro Reflective Number Plate mostly known as 'Vehicle Digital Number Plate', the most modern and technically advanced number plate ever in Bangladesh. The radio-frequency identification system incorporated in Vehicle Digital Number Plate uses radiofrequency electronic fields to transfer data from a chip to a device for the purpose of automatic identification and tracking.

Digital Driver’s License is another new Product of BMTF, which is also a highly demanding product of Electronic Assembly Shop directly contributing the nation.


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