The BMTF Furniture Factory stands with all its uniqueness, style and quality. With the latest state-of-the-art technology and machinery, ‘BMTF Furniture’ offers the widest selection of furniture and home décor that expresses the choice and the lifestyle. With the creative collaboration of our designers and carpenters, we are relentlessly working to satisfy our client's aesthetic sense. Our features include glittering simplicity and geometrically polished design. We trust in the honesty of pure materials. The dedication to beautifully immaculate craftsmanship enlightens our entire process. We ensure that the final products are a combination of comfort and elegance.

Furniture Factory is the latest Flagship in the fleet of Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Limited With the aim to materialize the vision of the respected Chief of Army Staff and the Chairman of BMTF, the journey of the factory began in September 2018 with an area of 90000 Square Feet. Currently operating with an area of 1,50,000 square feet, BMTF Furniture is emerging as the pioneer among the furniture manufacturing entities of the country. We develop and prepare timbers and planks from our own Saw Mill with proper seasoning and treatment under the direct supervision of specialists.


Right from design to delivery, we aim at creating value for our customers through Reliability and Flexibility. Also as the country’s largest furniture manufacturer, we focus on continued growth in the business and contribute to national economy.


The Factory has got 3 wings- Metal Section, Wood Section and Medical Furniture Section which render us the capability of preparing both wooden and metal furniture and combination of both with articulated design and category and many more of its type. Our designing section is enriched with the latest software for 2D and 3D modeling enabling us to comply with the international standard designs that is flexible, dynamic and attuned with the global and technological demands. We ensure highest competitiveness in terms of quality, skills in woodworking and scheduled delivery.

Woden Section:

We give the furniture green technology, manufacture with low carbon emission having a minimum effect on the environment. Our insight into your needs and looking forward to your future.

Metal Section:

The BMTF stainless steel series fulfills the demand of the modern era, lighter and space-defining. With the use of ultra-high-strength stainless steel sheets, we ensure to make the appearance more gorgeous and fashionable.

Medical Furniture Section:

BMTF furniture offers latest technology high functional products in hospital furniture range. Our hospital furniture are carefully designed in a way that ensures the comfort for patients, visitors and staff members. Our product include furniture for patient wards, emergencies, operation rooms, staff offices and waiting lounges. Guided by a unique three-pronged approach, we promise to provide high quality, cost effective furniture that make it easy for any healthcare facility to deliver great care. Besides, we manufacture customized solutions that addresses the individual requirements of our customers

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