• House # 41, Road # 7
  • Dhaka Cantonment,Bangladesh
  • Telephone: +880-2-8871150
  • Fax: +880-2-8871893
  • E-mail :

Corporate Building

Google Map-Corporate Office

  • Factory Area

  • Joydebpur Gazipur-1700, Bangladesh.
  • Telephone: 880-2-9205091-6
  • Fax: 880-2-9205097
  • Email:

Factory Area

BMTF Location Map

BMTF Factory Front Side

Google Map-Factory Office

  • Packaging Unit (BMTF-2)

  • Address: Kholishajani, Fulbaria,
  • Kaliakoir, Gazipuz,Bangladesh

In the year 2012, BMTF packaging unit was added to the fleet of a series factories. Our unit is located at Fulbari, Gazipur; 59 kilometer from capital Dhaka. The place is encircled with numerous species of trees evoking a deep feeling of calmness and fulfilling aesthetic cravings. Being an enterprise of Bangladesh Army, it is our deep rooted conscience to work for the nation, economy and environment. Within the framework of this philosophy we give highest priority to green production and resource consumption is kept at the lowest level in our production areas.

Front View of BMTF2 Hotapara, Gazipur

Front View of BMTF2 Hotapara, Gazipur