The Galvanizing Shop of Bangladesh Machines Tools Factory-BMTF Ltd under the distinguished leadership of Bangladesh Army provides most advanced galvanizing service for all structural and general steelwork. Established in the year 2018 BMTF Galvanizing shop is ISO Certified. Coving an area of about 12000 square feet, the shop is operated my 56 skilled manpower. The shop has three state of the art zinc kettles and one pre - treatment section and has an ETP plant. As a significant entity of this domain, we present clients with the premium quality services by using latest technology. The shop has modern security system, clean water, adequate light and air and Well – organized environment. Which enlivens the motivation of the employees.


Live Longer.


In the course of our future development, our aim is to enhance the reputation of the factory by supplying modern galvanizing work with quality raw materials.

Manufacturing Service

The factory provides hot-dip galvanizing services for