BMTF commissioned a modern and high-tech Vehicle Assembly Shop in the year 2001. Keeping its main function in mind, Assembly Shop has been equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery and tools for assembling a range of vehicles with the highest quality standards. Our high-speed assembling lines comprising spot welding, painting and modern vehicle testing equipment help us able to produce 3000 units of Motor Cycles and 1500 units of wagons per annum. In our journey of two decades, we have successfully assembled - 3 Ton Isuzu Truck, 1 Ton Toyota Pickup, 1/4 Ton Toyota Jeep, 52 / 32 Seater Nissan U.D. Bus, 52 Seater Daewoo Bus, 52 Seater Mitsubishi Bus, 7 Ton Ashok Leyland Truck, Land Rover and Soft Top to Hard Top Jeep, JMC Pickup, Sino Truck, Dump Truck, Police Pickup, Fire Service Vehicle, VIP Digital Prisoner Van, Three-Wheeler, Power Tiller, etc. Currently, we are focused on diversified cross-border cooperation collaborating with the world's top automobile giants. In addition, we have taken up a new project of assembling the latest technology armoured tanks and combat vehicles. As we continue to explore new horizons of the automobile sector, we keep on impacting the country’s economy and people in a very positive manner. With our strategic position, highly developed logistics, skilled manpower, utilities, infrastructure and traditional role as a state-owned business entity, we are one of the leading automobile assembling industries of the country.

Assembly Process include

Our diversified assembly lines are divided into three main categories; single model, mixed model and multi-model assembly lines. At the single model assembly line, we assembly a single product without any variant. All operations at the same stations of the line are standard and the same for all work-pieces, and products leaving the line are identical. At the mixed-model assembly line, the assembly of variants of a single product is performed with different operation times for different models. Model sequencing does not have resource constraints for the mixed model line; different models can be processed without the need for any modifications at the line. Our multi-model line is the most complex among the other assembly methods in terms of operational requirements. At the multi-model assembly line, the assembly of different products that require different assembly processes is carried out.


Aim of Assembly Shop is to bring revolution in the entire business of the country’s automobile industry.

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