Who We Are?

Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Limited in short BMTF is one of the largest state-owned commercial entities of its kind in Bangladesh. It is the leading conglomerate in the industrial hierarchy of the country run by the Bangladesh Army.

BMTF is situated on 260 acres of land of natural beauty at Shimultali, Gazipur which is 35 kilometers away from the capital Dhaka. BMTF has a chain of production and assembly-oriented factories/shops within its premises. The Chief of Army Staff is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Under the leadership of a Major General as the Managing Director, the industry has risen to the summit of its success and continues to emerge as a respected global trendsetter in the arena of business. Every factory has a devoted management system comprising both army and civil officers along with thousands of employees.

With a vision to transform the economy of Bangladesh into a prosperous and resilient one, BMTF is striving relentlessly for the successful implementation of ‘Delta Plan 2100’ by the Bangladesh Government. Every year the factory is adding a significant amount of revenue to the national economy for the overall development of the country.