Our Capabilities Are:

  • Producing and assembling of different kinds of machineries, components, tools & spares, vehicle body parts as well as defense equipment
  • Manufacturing of all types of foundry and forging items like line hardware and other related products
  • Manufacturing and fabricating of heavy steel structure, trusses, architecturally exposed infrastructures, electric transmission tower, bailey bridge, sandwich panel, C & Z purlin, roof sheet etc.
  • Manufacturing of excellent quality, durable and low maintenance concrete products like pole, pile, rail way sleepers etc.
  • Assembling of combat and commercial vehicles
  • Manufacturing of finest quality wooden and metal furniture
  • Manufacturing of different types of military, para-military, formal, casual & sports footgear as well as leather products
  • Galvanizing as well as heat and surface treatment services for different structural and general steel products
  • Manufacturing and assembling of electronic products, gadgets etc.
  • Assembling of quality CFL and LED lighting products
  • Manufacturing of metallic & nonmetallic crafts, decorative stuffs (i.e. military ranks, badges), sports items (i.e. medals, crests, trophies), gift items (i.e. lapel pins, key rings, souvenir stuffs) etc.
  • Developing and manufacturing of healthcare and pharmaceuticals products
  • Supply, construction and trading of any projects/commercial ventures feasible for BMTF