The BMTF CFL & LED bulb factory is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the country, specializing in an impressive range of innovative, diverse, user-friendly, and high-quality Light Emitting Diode-LED and Compact Fluorescent Lamps-CFL tubes and bulbs. Under the guidance of the Honorable Chief of Army Staff and Chairman of Bangladesh Machines and Tools Factory-BMTF Limited, production of CFL and LED bulbs commenced on October 1, 2011. Our state-of-the-art facilities, along with an excellent logistics and supply management network, have enabled us to reach even the most remote areas of the country. With a dedicated workforce of approximately 50 employees, we continuously work towards the improvement of our project. Moreover, we maintain a research and quality control department that diligently monitors the products at every stage to meet the standards of the International Organization for Standardization. Our products have garnered national acclaim for their longevity, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and remarkable energy-efficient features.


Our Aim

Ensuring reliable, energy-saving, innovative, diversified, smart, and best-quality CFL and LED products with the highest customer satisfaction in the local and global market.


The government of Bangladesh has developed a comprehensive plan to transition 20% of its total electricity and fuel sector to renewable energy sources as part of its sustainable development goal for 2030. This initiative has already achieved a total capacity of 220 MW of solar power through the installation of 6.9 million solar home systems (SHSs). The National Solar Energy Roadmap for 2021-2041 has been successfully implemented, with solar lights being adopted by various government and non-government organizations. Furthermore, the installation of new Solar Street Lights in zillas and upazilas throughout the country is currently underway. In addition to the new installations, 20% of the existing lights are being replaced by Solar Street Lights. Different city corporations are actively involved in this project, and BMTF is a proud partner in this journey.


Our Motto

Innovative and Quality life for all.


Our Promises Are

Long Life

Energy Efficiency

Ecologically Friendly

Durable Quality

Design Flexibility

Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures

Easy Disposal

Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching


Asst Manager, CFL and LED Bulb Factory

Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd, Gazipur

Mobile: +880 1769-041184

Email: [email protected]