Sandwich Panel

BMTF Sandwich Panel Production

BMTF Steel Structure, one of the largest producers and supplier of Sandwich Panel Roofing Systems including wall panel and wall cladding sheets in Bangladesh.  BMTF has 10,000 m² of indoor factory area, which are among the most modern sandwich panel production facilities in Bangladesh by following the developing technology, automatic and continuous lines, and with high quality.

We proudly carry the leadership flag of sandwich panel production in Bangladesh with our 120 employees and an annual total production of 1.5 million m² of sandwich panel on 4 production lines at our facilities of advanced technology.We aim to become a global brand by increasing the size of our sandwich panel plants to 40,000 m².

BMTF Sandwich Panel Layers

BMTF Sandwich Panel sheets ensure thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing, as well as fire and load resistance for your buildings. Sandwich panels are produced in 3 layers – inner sheet, outer sheet and insulation core.

Quality Advantages of BMTF Sandwich Panel

  • Low Weight Combined with High Rigidity
  • Extensive Bearing Width and Easy Fitting
  • Corrosion Protected and Weatherproof Outer Shells
  • Perfect Thermal Insulation by means of PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool and EPS
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Effective Drainage
  • Strong Anti-Negative Wind Pressure Ability
  • Tight Overlapping and Convenient Construction

Sandwich Panel Products

  • PUR/PIR Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels:

    Roof panels are produced in the forms of 3 and 5 ribs and according to the requested insulation type with the choices of external and secret fixing joint details.

  • Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels:

    Wall panels are implemented vertically or horizontally according to the architecture of the construction. They are offered with the external and secret fixing joint details, and with the surface types of lined, micro lined and deep lined.

  • Insulated Cold Storage Sandwich Panels:

    With different joint detail alternatives, cold storage sandwich panels are produced at various thicknesses ranging from 80-200 mm and they have flat or lined surface types as well as stainless steel and PVC film laminated surface options.

Technical Specification of BMTF Sandwich Panel

Type Sandwich panel roof sheet
Width (mm) 970
Thickness (mm) 50-200
Weight (Kg/sq ft) 0.7
Max Length 6M and can be customized

Sandwich Panel Application Areas

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Cold Storages
  • Residential Buildings
  • Power Plants
  • Agricultural and Husbandry Buildings

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