Railway Components

Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Ltd is a state owned Limited Company under the management of Bangladesh Army. BMTF is one of the largest commercial enterprises in Bangladesh, originally intended to accelerate the industrialization of Bangladesh. Since 2000, Honorable Prime Minister H.E. Sheikh Hasina officially handed over the factory to Bangladesh Army with an intense belief to establish BMTF a commercially viable state owned organization. The Industrial plant is well equipped with for various engineering products. BMTF Ltd is providing various maintenance equipment, variety of high production machineries and equipments, vehicle assembling facilities, Steel Structure solutions, utility SPC poles for the Government, semi-government and private organizations like Titas Gas, Rural Electrification Board (REB), Power Development Board (PDB), Palli Biddyut Shamity (PBS), Centrifugal Pump for BADC, machineries for Fertilizer Manufacturing companies, Shell Liner for Rice Mills, Equipments for Automobile Industries(Liner, Break Drum), Man-hole cover for Dhaka City Corporations, Coal Mining footstep for Boropukuria Coal Mining Project, Dog Spike etc. BMTF is also assembling Isuzu 3 Ton Truck, Toyota Jeep, Toyota 1.5 Ton Truck for Bangladesh Army, Prisoner Van for Bangladesh Police and Various vehicles of different government and non-government organizations.

With public transportation facilities assuming greater significance by the day, the requirement of the Bangladesh Railways for railway coaches is also growing exponentially. Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Ltd., is a dependable company, organized into the domain of Railway Track technology. We resolve the complex challenges and innovate the streamlined manufacturing mechanism in order to deliver premium quality Railway Track Fittings, Machineries, Studs and Fasteners. BMTF has wide ranging technical expertise and front line experiences in designing and manufacturing railway components as per the requirements of Bangladesh Railway. BMTF is highly equipped with modern machineries, latest technologies and a remarkable history of producing the following high quality railway components:  

  • Beaters Steel Plate
  • Coupling Buffer Hook
  • Coupling Draw Bar
  • Coupling Screw with handle
  • Jig Fixture, Nut/Ring
  • Anti Creep Rail Anchor
  • Base Pointing
  • Bracket
  • Fish Plate
  • Gati
  • Hook
  • Insert
  • Maliable Spike
  • Ring
  • Spring
  • Spring Spike
  • Swing Hanger
  • Base Plate
  • Dog Spagh
  • Railway Line Crossing


BMTF maintains close ties with key establishments and supporting key infrastructural railway project equipments as well as components
for Bangladesh Railway for over 3 decades. The products are available in a variety of dimensions and specifications and it’s designed as per the precise structural tolerances, detailed by our clients. BMTF has high quality hot dip galvanizing plant along with reliable galvanizing equipments and up to 6 meter long section in single dipping. 

Since the time of our inception in the year 1987 as a railway components manufacturer, we have been constantly enhancing our production capacities to meet the challenging demand for Railway Track Fittings, carriage items, RCC, Steel Slipper and various other products for Bangladesh Railway. Besides, we have won the confidence and trust of the patrons via maintaining high standards in product, budget-effective prices and scheduled delivery. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified unit, every products of BMTF passes through the approval of Quality Inspectors at every stage of manufacturing.

BMTF also participates into numerous government project implementation works through Direct Procurement Method (DPM) and is now highly interested to continue its involvement with Bangladesh Railway project works through the DPM policy. We believe the association between Bangladesh Railway and BMTF will further extract exclusive benefits in terms of past experiential success as well financial savings.   

Some Railway Products