Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Forge Shop is the most vibrant area in BMTF. The shop is equipped with drop hammers, press machines and furnaces closely located with the machines. To prepare forging jobs of REB and other org there are many other machines available in the shop. The main equipment are 3 ton and 1 ton drop hammers, 800 kg and 500 kg upsetting hammers, 400 ton, 320 ton and 160 ton pneumatic press. 250 ton and 150 ton screw press, 250 ton horizontal press, 100 ton power press, metal gather machines and roll thread machines. Copy milling machines and other lathe machines are used to make various types of forging dies. Forging items are zinc coated in hot dip galvanizing plant. In addition to that there is a heat treatment plant in Forge Shop