Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Ltd. is one of the largest commercial enterprises of its kind in Bangladesh. It is located at Shimultoly area of Gazipur Sadar-1700 and which is about 35 km North of Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The factory has an area of 260 acres including BMTF-2 at Fulbaria, Hotapara, Gazipur.BMTF was built with the motive of functioning as the mother industry of the country to support small enterprises dealing with minor engineering products. To accelerate the industrialization of the then East Pakistan, the factory started its journey in 1967. After the independence, the factory was inaugurated on 11th February 1979 under the management of Bangladesh Govt. Later Honorable Prime Minister of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina officially handed over the factory to Bangladesh Army on 27 July 2000 to increase its efficiency. Since then BMTF Ltd is functioning as a State-Owned Limited Company under the management of Bangladesh Army.

Under the leadership of a Major General, Military personnel of various ranks and civilian employees are the main driving force of this organization. BMTF Ltd has seventeen factories/shops within its premises. It is well equipped with varieties of high production machineries and equipment for various promising products.

BMTF Ltd is providing diversified and multidimensional products like

  • Producing and assembling of modern engineering machineries and components, vehicle body parts, railway components, tooling equipment, line hardware as well as defense equipment.
  • Manufacturing of all types of foundry and forging items for line hardware and other related products.
  • Manufacturing and fabricating of heavy steel structure, trusses, architecturally exposed structural steel, electric transmission tower, bailey bridge, sandwich panel, C & Z purlin, roof sheet etc.
  • Manufacturing of excellent quality, durable and low maintenance concrete products like pole, pile, rail way sleeper etc.
  • Assembling and fabricating of automobile through joint venture.
  • Manufacturing of finest quality wooden and metal furniture.
  • Manufacturing of defense footgear’s, and fashion shoes as well as leather products.
  • Galvanizing as well as heat and surface treatment service for all structural and general steelworks.
  • Ranging up to the largest infrastructure and commercial projects.
  • Manufacturing and assembling of electronic products, gadgets etc.
  • Assembling of quality LED and CFL lighting products.
  • Manufacturing of metallic & non-metallic crafts, decorative stuffs (i.e. military ranks, badges, sports items (i.e. medals, crests, trophies), gift items (i.e. lapel pins, key rings, souvenir stuffs)   etc.
  • Developing and manufacturing of healthcare and pharmaceuticals products.
  • Supply, construction and trading of any projects/commercial ventures feasible for BMTF.


BMTF under the efficient leadership of Bangladesh Army and with the motto of “Production Through Excellence”, the driving motive of this mega-industry is now to do business through the contribution in national economy along with serving the nation with quality, wisdom, and hard work.