The Pole Factory is one of the leading concerns of state-owned largest manufacturing entity Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory-BMTF Limited. In April 2016, the Honorable Army Chief also the Chairman of BMTF Board of Directors inked the acquiescence for establishing the factory. On 14th February 2017, the BMTF Pole Factory started its voyage with the mission to materialize the government’s ‘vision 2021’ agenda ‘Enlightening Every Home’. Since the advent, the factory is producing an optimum gamut of Concrete Poles. The factory is capable of producing 500 poles per day with constant effort of a large team of 690 officers, employees and workers. The prominent features of our poles are robustness and anti-corrosion. Apart from manufacturing standard range, the experts hold specialization in designing these products capable of withstanding extreme heat and natural calamities. In addition, we offer Earthing Electrodes with features of excellent electrical conductivity, thermal stability, no maintenance and long working life. Our infrastructure has a warehouse and an R&D unit besides the main production facility. The entire assortment is developed with the assistance of latest manufacturing techniques, investigated by our research department. With our intense quality-centric approach, our products are manufactured under the strict guidance of our experienced specialists, who leave no space for any flaw in the final output. BMTF itself has a quality control lab, due to which, follow up all the parameters is done, as per ISO and we strive at every stage to pass through the extremely tough standard test. In order to meet the bulk requirements of our happy clients we have expanded our line of production by establishing more units with high-tech machineries.


Increase efficiency by upgraded technology and abide by the enterprise spirit of Integrity and innovations.

Our Initiatives

Providing a safe work environment and enforcing safe work practices.

We insist that our manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the environment. We conform to environmental regulations and audit our sites to ensure they are in compliance.

We monitor our energy consumption patterns and looks for opportunities to conserve.

Manufacturing Process

Cage Making and Setting

Reinforcement circumferential spiral wire coil is placed on the lower steel mould. All the accessories and pre-stressed strand is inserted longitudinally through the tension plate, spiral wire coils and anchor plate. Retaining ring at regular interval are inserted to ensure correct concrete cover and cage is positioned in lower half of the steel moulds.

Concrete Mixing And Pouring

Poles made in steel moulds are specially manufactured from high quality concrete mix designed to achieve the concrete strength C55/67 and durability. The high strength concrete is poured into the lower half mold, then the upper half of the mould is bolted on to the lower half. The Pre stressed strand is tensioned. The mould is then shifted to spinning machine.


Once the Mould is placed on the spinning machine, it is rotated for a specific designed time. The pole derives its extra strength properties from the unique centrifugal manufacturing process which gives uniform densely compacted concrete along the whole length of the pole. The final stage of the spinning cycle also removes water that is surplus to cement hydration requirements rand.

Steam Curing

After the spinning process is completed the concrete pole is placed in the curing chamber for steam curing. Steam curing process is carried out at controlled temperature and for a specific time period.


Then the concrete pole is shifted to de-moulding work station. The pole is carefully de-moulded and shifted to finishing work station for further finishing, final inspection and testing.

Finishing, Inspection And Testing

Finishing of poles are carried out by cutting the exposed Strand, concrete capping at the bottom and application of nitocote. Physical and dimensional checks are carried out. All the concrete poles are delivered to the customers with product test certificate and delivery note.